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Thursday, 02 April 2020

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Dress in a professional style appropriate to that industry or company. For an interview it is always better to dress formally in a dark and smart suit.
Pay attention to detail. Personal grooming is so important and reinforces a professional attitude. It is worth noting that half of all employers make their hiring decisions in the first 30 seconds based on the candidate's appearance.
Keep accessories to a minimum. Do not wear lots of jewellery or have lots of bags. You need to look as though you are tidy and organised.

Body Language

Shake hands firmly and smile. The initial greeting creates a vital impression, be interested, positive and approachable.
Wait until you are offered a seat before sitting down.
Maintain eye contact. If there is more than one interviewer look at the one who is talking. This reinforces the impression that you are being open and honest.


Arrive early, 10 ­- 15 minutes is acceptable. This will allow you time to freshen up and have a few moments to collect your thoughts. It might also allow you to meet members of staff and see the operations providing a valuable insight into the day to day running of the company.


Skills - Identify your strengths and what you have achieved ensuring that they understand you are uniquely qualified to make a contribution to the company.
Knowledge - Why do you want the job - ensure they know why you do and why you would be suitable, be confident.
Attitude - Be enthusiastic and positive and remain courteous throughout the interview.
Composure - Listen carefully to each question being asked. Do not be afraid to sit and think before answering. This will enable you to be concise and sincere and stop you from rambling.