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Thursday, 02 April 2020

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Top Tips

These tips will help you prepare for interviews. They provide you with the best opportunity to secure an offer. Tried and tested figure increases offer rate by 40%.

  1. The handshake – it should be firm and with eye-contact
  2. Inane conversation it is advisable to chat about pretty much anything on the way to the interview room – don’t clam up – even if it’s the weather – try to be friendly and show you are interested to be there
  3. Drinks – (accept a drink if offered and use as a tool to buy thinking time if asked a tricky question)
  4. Notepad (be seen to be making notes to reiterate enthusiasm) It’s essential to take a pen and paper.
  5. Prepare 6 questions and if all these are answered during the course of the interview, tell the interviewer so that they are not questioning interest!) Sometimes candidates can lose an offer if they haven’t prepared questions! They can be about anything at all (see website) but not salary!
  6. Ask the client how they feel about their role – the organisation – It's flattering and may just help distinguish you from others with equal capability. Ask them how they find the culture or enjoy the role.
  7. You must confirm your interest at the end of the interview – whether you are sure it is the right position or not - it gives you the best chance of getting an offer – ask where it goes from here.