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Thursday, 02 April 2020

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Career Advice
Your CV

Make sure it's straightforward and easy to read

A CV is a report detailing your academic and professional history. You must use it to emphasise your strengths and abilities without drawing attention to irrelevant information. Remember, you can always explain to an employer further details when they invite you for an interview.

Highlight your achievements

You should always make use of active verbs, i.e.: set up, achieved, attained, managed, led and responsible for. Use bullet points to highlight the key successes in your life emphasizing them and making it short and punchy. Don't write lengths of prose for job descriptions.

The Interview

What are you looking to achieve on attending an interview - either a second interview or a job offer. The interviewer has almost certainly seen your CV and therefore you can assume your skills and experience broadly match those required for the job. The interview provides you with the chance to really sell your personality and convince the interviewer that your skills match their requirements of the position.

To do

You should confirm the interview and how to get to the company -this is best done by telephone.
You should also confirm the name of your interviewer, their title and the correct pronunciation of their name.
It is a good idea to study your CV and prepare answers to the most likely questions. Preparation time is rarely wasted.
Research the company, the job, and, if relevant, the person who will be conducting the interview.


There are a number of ways that a candidate can find out about a position/company before they attend an interview.



Dress in a professional style appropriate to that industry or company. For an interview it is always better to dress formally in a dark and smart suit.
Pay attention to detail. Personal grooming is so important and reinforces a professional attitude. It is worth noting that half of all employers make their hiring decisions in the first 30 seconds based on the candidate's appearance.
Keep accessories to a minimum. Do not wear lots of jewellery or have lots of bags. You need to look as though you are tidy and organised.

Top Tips

These tips will help you prepare for interviews. They provide you with the best opportunity to secure an offer. Tried and tested figure increases offer rate by 40%.